Friday, November 23, 2007

The New Name

As you may have observed, the title of this fantasticamundo location has changed drastically. Somehow, Book Sweep (as I shudder at my own lack of imagination), hardly brought justice to the kinds of novels I talk about. Therefore, because of, in light of changes, I have created Maelstrom *insert maniacal laughter and screaming mermaid*. The title is a little more fitting and I am excited by its connotations. And no books were water-logged in the process of this christening.

Aella Siofra


seraamie crosszane said...

Maelstrom is a pretty fawesome name.
reminds me of The Maelstrom, which reminds me of the Mare Tenebrosum, which reminds me of Wave Walkers, which reminds me of Kai Meyer, which reminds me of awesome, which makes me happy.

have any of you read Wave Walkers? (Pirate Curse, Pirate Emporer, the as yet untranslated Pirate War which is coming fairly soon) don't be fooled by the bad cover art, they're quite awesome and piratical and cool.

written by that great and totally ignored here German author Kai Meyer, who also wrote the even better Dark Reflections trilogy (The Water Mirror, The Stone Light, The Glass Word, which is coming out...oh my god, NEXT WEEK!!! JANUARY 1ST!!! remembering that just made my week. awesome.)

seriously though, pirates and mermaids and magic and stone lions and sphinxes and venice and the caribean (though not nessecarily in the same series)

very great author who leaves me angry at the end of every too-short book with his speaking-german-ness that means the books, all of which have already been published, take forever to get published here in a language i speak.

wow, all that from the word "maelstrom".

Medeia Senka said...

We (though I can't speak for Aella) are glad to have inspired such a train of thought from our title of one-worded-awesomeness... (Aella, your random-making-up-words habit is rubbing off on me)...

seraamie crosswhite said...

i have a tendancy to ramble on in comments with little provokation. one of my crazy flaws.
i make up words too. and hyphenate too much.

Aella said...

Mwahahahahahhahahaha. You have been sucked into the windstorm that is word creativity. I will leave no survivors.


Ink Mage said...

Maelstrom is much cooler than Book Sweep. It's so much more mysterious!