Sunday, November 4, 2007

Enter Aella

It has come to my most solemn attention that the young adult world is losing sight of that most honored of pastimes *drum roll* reading. It is the point of this blogtastic endeavor to (see above) aide the readers of this world in their noble pursuits. Surprising as this may seem, there are more admirable things in life than awaiting the results of American Idol or watching Youtube. So go! Read this blog! Find the books it describes! And live!!!

Overcome with excitement and speech giving fervor,
Aella Siofra

1 comment:

amie zane said...

yes! teenagers read books and conquer the intermonet!
i mean, i do hate AI (see, it could be Simon Cowell OR evil robots. coicidence? i think not)
not like wasting time on YouTube isn't a worthwhile way to spend your day :) or, in my case, laying seige to old comment threads of book-review blogs...on Christmas. not like there's anything to that human interaction stuff, after all.