Thursday, December 13, 2007

Changes, changes, and some more changes...

At this time of site reconstruction, there are some things that stay the same. A sensation of normality, if you will, on a spinning globe. These things that remain the same are books. And how good some of them are. So in the spirit of a coming New Year I am compiling a list of books with amazing peoples that undergo great changes, like a website, but not.

Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith
  • If Mel had never changed her mind about the Marquis what would have happened? I shudder to think.
Peter and the the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
  • Without a little faith, trust, and pixie/star dust millions of children would never have thought happy thoughts and jumped off their bedposts in hopes of flying.
Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
  • After Dustfinger recovered from his wussiness he returned to help. Hold breath and sigh contentedly.
The Circle of Magic Series by Tamora Pierce
  • Tris had been giving off some negative vibes, but her transformation by friendship made her much more likeable. Shiny eyed moment.
Pendragon Series by DJ MacHale
  • Loor- awesome Amazonian princess, Courtney- suburbia volleyball queen, lets weigh them against Bobby's affections and...does this need any more explanation.
So I feel very empowered and trusting in the power of change, if a little melodramatic. Enjoy our new uber complexities.
*Aella Siofra*


I hate change...but in this case, since I was added to the site...obviously change can be a very good thing...for you...aren't you lucky.


Yours Truly said...

Comrades in arms! I salute you! Together we shall go forth unto the world of teenageria and CONQUER IT WITH THE MIGHTY POWER OF BOOKS!!! MWABWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Um... on a more... ah... normal... note...
If Mel had never stopped hating Shevraeth? I gasp in horror! Oh, the horrendous terriblitude!! Oh, the pain, the agony!!

Okay, I guess not THAT more normal of a note. Ah, well. Normal is boring.

Shevraeth-loving, teenageria-conquering, and yours,
Aislinn Ai

amie zane said...

i'm against change of any sort, especially for the better.
sorry, arbitrary but nessacary.

hmmm...i choked about a third into the Pendragon series, on sheer dislike of loser protagnist.
people kept telling me to read Peter and the Starcatchers but i heard an interview with the authors where they sounded so completely disdainful of thier audience i never wanted to.
Crown Duel i only got around to recently, but it distracted me through an entire visit to Grandma's, a fact for which i am grateful.

very nice site, btw. you should post more stuff!

Aella Siofra said...

*shocked tone* Pendragon is not a loser protagonist... you shouldn't give up hope... Bobby changed quite a bit since those first few books...

~Medeia Senka~

amie zane said...

aaah, this stupid blogger tendancy to make you retype your name and stuff every time you post a comment because i don't have an account is very annoying.

well....i gave Bobby Pendragon time, and i got sick of him. and i didn't just read the first few books. like, i read the first and though eh. and i read the second one and though wow this is actually good. then the third one seemed lazy.
i got up to halfway through that one *blanks out on title AGAIN* ummm...the one where they're on Loor's planet. whatchacallit. dommit, i can't remember. the one after Black Water that long tedious tale of cat-people.
why can i not remember titles today? Sweet Far Thing all-nighter, you have eaten my brain!