Friday, December 28, 2007

Jacob or Edward?

So, I recently completed my Twilight collection and I want to know... Jacob or Edward? (The poll is on my personal blog)

I tried to make this post as non-spoilerful as possible (though if you haven't read these books, go do it NOW)

After the poll closes, I'll tell you who gets my vote

Feel free to fight over the two in the comment section,

From the shadows,

~Medeia Senka~


amie zane said...

Oh MY GOD i am SO SICK of TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! Bella Swan makes me want to vomit. Edward is boring and abusive. Jacob is pathetic and stuck in a book that is irrationally wierd to him.
i didn't hate the book when i first read it, i actually liked new moon, though i hated eclipse.
but people just keep RAVING about how GREAT it is and i just like it less and less!!!!!!!
*screams, gets yelled at for screaming at midnight*
wow...that was....slightly scary.

Aislinn Ai said...

I agree with Seramie Zanewhite, but less... vehemently. All of the fangirling about Twilight is really gettimg on my nerves, as are the characters, but I have to admit that I still love it.

And also-- Jacob FTW!!!! Edward is a complete and utter jerk.

amie zane said...

well i was just hanging out at Westerblog, where i usually am, and there's a lot of people over there who are starting the series and getting annoying. plus, they're all misguided Team Edward fools and that gets on my nerves even more.
but, ummm...nobody go over to Westerblog right now. i might have given an even louder rant against twilight fangirls. about that new TSFT spoiler zone on Libba Bray's LJ?

Kate? said...

I agree that Edward's a ridiculous control freak. Bella is SUCH a freakin Mary Sue of a character. I mean really. All she does is get dizzy, fall all over the place, and clings to anyone and everything because she is oh so beautiful and frail. Shit, dude. She has no backbone and that bugs the hell out of me. Except for when she's with Jacob; she actually attempts to take care of herself when she's with him.

Which brings me to the conclusion that Jake's one of the most believable characters in the book and best suited to whip Bella into a shape other than Mary Sue. Plus, where is the appeal in having sex with something cold and stone-like? Forreal.

amie zane said...

hallelugah, kate.
bella swan = annoying 2 dimensional and cliched.
edward cullen = annoying 2 dimensional and cliched.
bella and edward together = is there an aproved ship name for Mary and Gary Sue?
whereas Jacob is an actual human being who behaves as they do and makes everyone around him far more interesting. plus, werewolves are just cooler. they just ARE.

everyone's still sort of scared over at Westerblog. but at least they stopped raving about thier desire to marry Edward and how she should just choose him over Jacob already. uggh.
*goes to read something better instead*

i really need to stop thinking about Twilight.

Reese said...

I disagree with all of you. Especially you, Amie Zane. Edward isn't abusive. He's devoted his life to protecting Bella in every way he can.

And people like Bella because she's brave. I know thats why I like her. How many girls would willingly place themselves in the company of vampires and werewolves and be completely comfortable?

There are a million diffrent reasons why people like Edward, but the one that has everyone going, "I LOVE EDWARD!!!!" is that he's the perfect boyfriend. He opens the car door for Bella and has a really great smile.

And everyone loves Jacob because, well, come on, he's Jake. You can't not love Jake.

I'm shutting up now.

Gianna said...

I agree completely with Resse. Edward is definately NOT a control freak. He is an amazing, wonderful guy, who any girl would fall in love with. He's completely polite (much more then I can say for MANY guys these days) and he's so protective of Bella that it makes me jealous! *mutters on about how there aren't any guys like him* Erm... Anyways... He isn't boring either, there is so much history to him, and he truly cares for Bella. If Jacob is so wonderful then why did his kiss Bella against her will? He constantly pushes her to make a choice between Edward and him. However, Edward let's Bella be Bella, and constantly reminds her that she can walk out of the relationship whenever she pleases. That's love.

*clears throat* Sorry for little rant there, but I have strong feelings of devotion for Edward. (not in a scary fangirl way either...)

Reese said...

THANK YOU GIANNA! Edward is fabulous. Not to take anything away from Jacob, but he is clearly the best choice.

Medeia Senka said...

I'm so glad that we have both sides represented now... though it seems to be pro-Edward and anti-Edward...

Aella said...

Ugh. Edward is It almost never ceases to disgust me. "Oh Bella. You could have been hurt." Seeing as it was his fault in the first place he can hardly play the dominant male card. Jacob understands the basic human right to independence and allows Bella to exercise it.

Medeia Senka said...

Oh Aella daahling, don't scare off the pro-Edward faction just yet...

amie zane said...

*chokes and spits out coffee*
Bella Swan? BRAVE? *laughes hysterically* for hanging out with vampires and werewolves? maybe only because she doesn't have the initiative to leave. doesn't take much courage to hang out and not do anything.

and Edward. yes, he is polite. he is also boring. and has very little respect for Bella's ability to do things by herself. combined?
*inner feminist growls*
i would, personally, like a guy more with a little (forgive, i can't reword it right) bite, and a girl who can take care of herself.
i do not like guys based on thier abilities to open car doors for me. i'm not made of glass. i like guys for witty banter and good taste in music.

but i do respect your opinions. and i'm gonna avoid lenthenging this rant because i'm always getting yelled at for twilight-bashing.

Reese said...

Yes. Bella Swan, brave. Bravery is more than doing something scary. Its doing something, because you're scared.

amie zane said...

but she isn't smart enough to be scared either. she's distracted by vampiric hotness, which is not very bright of her.

Reese said...

She isn't distracted by vampire hotness. She's distracted by general hotness. That coffee you were drinking has clearly stunted your mental growth.

It seems that you've changed your mind from the first post. You've gone from hating both of them to just trash talking Edward. You have to be fair and say that you don't like either of them, rather than just saying bad things about the vampire. By not mentioning Jacob you imply that you like him.

Just saying,

Aella said...

Irritating as I may sound to back up comment after comment I must completely agree that Bella Swan is lame and infuriatingly flimsy. You must admit that with every moment she appears to be a victim of her circumstances or one of Edward's bad decisions. So I say for the final time that Jacob has my vote. Bella will never make a choice for herself without reasoning over and doting on the superhuman strengths and physical brilliance of Edward. Edward has had a long time to figure out what girls want and comes from an era where chivalry was not dead. Jacob is three-dimensional and easy to relate to for readers. He is no pinnacle of unattainable glory and yet shines with a resilience (and need I add warm-bloodedness)and effortless daring that he has not needed generations of practice for.

*TADA* I am done.

*Aella Siofra*

Anonymous said...

Bella isn't brave, she's swimming with ravenous sharks and she's oozing her delicious and addictive blood from her blushing, rabbit's heart for them without a care.
Edward, in the first book- I loved him, the second book I was very much peeved with Bella for not even being able to be angry with him (that isn't love, that's stupid). The third book, his wondrous perfection that charmed me in Twilight only annoyed me in Eclipse. Twilight is meant to be unrealistic and so is Edward, no boy, man, or human is that... you know and that's why girls love him, but I was hoping for Edward to act more human like he says he is. I was hoping for more than just the perfect, vampire boyfriend to be there but NO. Can't ANYONE acknowledge his overprotectiveness and destructive love for Bella? Frankly he's so perfect that he annoys me.
That's why I would take Jacob, Jake has human flaws which leaves problems (or not) to overcome in the future, he's part giant, warm wolf, and he has black hair, that's my kinda guy... except for his kissing schemes, that was absolutely disgusting, and yet again, Bella can't bring herself to be angry- at least beyond a childish tantrum the equivalent of being denied one's favorite toy.

Reese said...

I agree with you to an extent. Edward went about keeping Bella the etirely wrong way. Every choice he made hurt her somehow. But he realizes it and says that from now on he's doing things her way.

The rest of you are acting a bit hypocritcal. (Did I spell that right?) You say that he's anoying and overprotective. Then you go on to say that he's too perfect. Which is it? Is he perfect or is he flawed? You can't have it both ways!

I'm not denying my love for Jake. He's awesome. But he isn't Edward.

As for Bellla, can't you see her side of things, just a bit?

amie zane said...

that was metaphorical coffee, fyi.

and okay, i will also complain about Jake. his love for Bella is irrational. everyone's love of Bella is irrational. she does...nothing, but everyone loves her. Jake met her once and was suddenly in love with her. and continued chasing her. even when she had no real redeeming qualities
[note to fellow pro-jakes. plz don't start more argument and make me defend this. i'm just stating why even jacob isn't that great]

also, i was mainly complaining about Edward because more people were saying things about him. i was just responding to things other people had said in talking about Edward.

also, Anonomous, i completely agree with you. on all counts. also, black hair is awesome.

Medeia Senka said...

So, I think that I must say that neither of them is necessarily better, they both have their strengths and weaknesses... it all comes down to personal opinion anyway... so everyone (both pro and anti Edward as this seems to be)let's just agree to disagree and turn our minds to new topics......

Reese said...

No! I will not agree to disagree! I will debate this to my hearts content. I was rereading Twilight. And I found a lot of different places where Bella stood up for herself. For instance, she wouldn't just go along with being shipped to wherever Edward said while James was chasing her. She made sure Charlie was safe.

Jake didn't fall in love with her the first time they met. He fell in love with her in New Moon. That day at the beach was just a crush.

And I still disagree. I think Bella has lots of redeeming qualities.

Medeia Senka said...

Well, I suppose you may debate this to your heart's content, but I will be turning my devious mind to other issues... and Bella is OK in Twilight (I just reread it too), but she seems to weaken in New Moon and Eclipse...

Reese said...

Well, she certainly gets her way in Eclipse. She makes Edward agree to stay with her during the fight, sneaks off to see Jacob, and hits Jake in the face.

And I would debate this. But everyone else seems to have listened to you. Nobody has posted anything in ages.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that we all go on and on about Edward vs. Jacob. Let's face it- Bella is the truly irritating one. To fall in love with one, well, vampire, to the point that you black out for several months after they leave is one thing. Maybe when she came out of her stupor, she should've focused her energy on something other than seeking attention from another male. Let's face it, Bella is a passion addict. She leads Jacob on so much that I find myself yelling at her- and if she truly loved Edward as much as she says, I doubt there would be any choice to make. I admit, I love these books. I admire Stephenie for writing these, but if Bella chooses Jacob now, I will be utterly disgusted. The only way to make this story truly daring and interesting is to continue with the transformation- it is certainly the more interesting option. Any other choice is just too easy.

Anonymous said...

So, I agree and disagree with everyone on different points. But all i want to point out is....

Jacob forced bella to kiss him in order to make bella realize that she had feelings for him. He was not being cruel, he was being creative in a moment of heightened emotion. As a result, bella finally realized that she DOES love jacob. It isn't the infatuation of a first love with a sexy vampire, but it's the love that evolves over time, first through friendship, then into passion. She DID kiss him back, and she liked it. when she's with jacob she jokes and laughs and gives him high fives and is more independent. She's a stronger and healthier person with Jacob.

However, Jacob is also a pompous annoying brat who won't stop until he gets his way. He's a smart ass and has a wicked sense of humor. So I can completely see why people hate him and want him to just bud out.

But really...isn't that what makes Jacob Black so much more fun than "I won't even let you sneeze without me being there to wipe up your snot" Edward?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've got to point this out. Ahem, I'm pretty sure the only reason people like Edward is because he is, apparently, super hot.

Or should I say hawt!!11?

I should know, 'cause that is the only thing Bella talks about. It's like she ate the dictionary and sporadically spews out adjectives about how perfect he is.

Yeah, it's fiction but c'mon, it has to be a little realistic. Bella is a Mary Sue there is no arguement there. Edward is incredibly too perfect and Jacob is a normal human being, well half human being at least.

That is what it comes down to. Accept it.

M.Wolf said...

Ok, One, Edward doesn't have much of a personality. He opens doors, is polite, and overprotective. Not much if you ask me. Jacob is funny, easy to talk to, and someone that you just want to be around. I like Jake because he has flaws like any other person. He understands Bella in a way Edward never could. Edward is just perfect on the outside. He makes mistakes, too. But Bella thinks he's absolutely perfect, therefore she's too stupid to realize that Jacob is just as good as Edward. I te is Jacob. BTW, please don't say that he's too immature, for Edward was born in 1901, Jacob never lived that long and it's not his fault. He's a 16 year-old guy, he's still growing(mentally) and learning.

Anonymous said...

lolz reese shut up!!!!! hahahha are u guys serious bella is so freaking stupid she makes me sick and edawrd dont even say his name. bella sshould of died i dont get it she gets everything she wants with her stupid mistakes not no were in the book did she had to make a sacrifice for what she did . i love the books but the only charater i like is jacob. ilove him!!1

how can anone not love him. but what akes me hate thebook more is the fact jacob never gets anything because of that looser agan looser bellas swan that bycth i hate edward

Anonymous said...

i would say jacob to all the jacob fans a momment of yelling!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

ok edawrd he too perfect no bidies perfect everyone makes mistake. jacob is the one bella should of been with. he so cute his name is steven straits you should go look for him he looks better than ugl edawrd. but bella i hate herrrrrrrr ghhh!!! edawrd grrrrrrrrr!!!!

edawrd always act like she bellas mother likes hes so tooo protective. ehat the hell holding her hostage child boo ill would break up with him. bella cant even tink for herself shes to stupid to thik anyays. jacob hes a human. he makes mistake and fixes them. he hot and warm. jacob is funny hes not ovrprtective. thatsd why he so better than "oh dont touch that paper you might get papercut"

Anonymous said...

Well, i think there are tooo many pro Jacob's here.

So i'll say i like Edward because (this could go on for a while)

A: Stupid jacob (I want to spit now) kissed Bella, even though he knew it was bad. Okay so she realised that she loved him but imagine what it would be like if a friend kissed you but you didn't want them to, but you couldn't help it because he's so strong.

B: Edward would never do anything like that.

C: Bella is not annoying, you obviously haven't read the books properly. All four of them. She always wants to screfice herself for everyone one elese.

D: Jacob does no such thing, infact he is utterly the opposite.

E: Putting the Edward v Jacob thing aside.

You've got to admit you can only love one.

For me that's Edward. (not in a i wanna marry him sorta way, in a way I want him to be happy in the book and THWART Jacob's evil plans......)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, you can only love one.

And i agree with you on the Edward thing as well.


He's soooooo imature and stupid. He hurts Bella more than he thinks.



Sorry sudden outburts there.


Anonymous said...

First of, I'll say that yes, I'm pro-Edward, but putting that aside, I can honestly say that Jacob isn't stupid. I mean, come on! No matter how many times he does something that makes you want to reach in the book and punch him, you just can't honestly say that you hate him. (I know from prior experience.) He's one of those people that you hate loving.

Second of all, yes. I do love Bella, but yes, she does have a tendency to be unbearably annoying. I can't say how many times I wished someone else could take over the book. But I feel I ahve to say that she's a really cool person. No matter how many times I say how stupid she, we've got to admit that we love her for being so stupid and weird. Otherwise we wouldn't read the book. (I wasn't speaking to the Twilight-haters, so please, I beg that you don't make a comment.)

Finally, I can honestly say, as a 'Twilight fan' I really couldn't care less if Edward was ugly. He's just a really interesting guy to read about (besides the constant gawking over his looks). He's not boing at all, when you think about how old-fashioned and at the same time-updated, he is. You can't ever predict his reaction. Boring is the farthest thing you could call Edward.

Anonymous said...

I've just read all the books. Not seen the film yet.
Edward or Jacob...
well I'm totally in love with Jacob. He sticks by Bella constantly, and is just so nice and cheery, and everything he does is so understandable.. he's a great character.
Edward and Bella get on my nerves, he's such a control freak and she's just weak and irritating.
Ok, so him being a control freak and her being.. like she is, show how strong and deep their love is. And Bella's only human.. but they still get on my nerves!
So it has to be Jacob. I imagine him being better looking as well :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Now that I have finished Breaking Dawn here is my little rant. I'll try to keep it short.

Bella...I liked her in Twilight but now not so much. I found her to be a selfish, manipulative, ungrateful little twit. She pulls in Jacob only to push him away. Poor Charlie gets screamed at for being a father. And yes you CAN live without a man.

Edward...I like him, did through most of the books. I like that he is old fashioned and polite. But very controlling, any guy that disables his girlfriend's car to prevent her from leaving needs a swift kick. And a character can only say the same three lines over until it becomes boring

Jacob...I completely love him. Not too happy about the forced kiss but I got the message. Other than that I found him endearing, I really connected with the character. Tall, dark, handsome, thrill seeker, has a motorcycle, dangerous, funny, LOYAL and sarcastic. My heart broke for him every single time Bella pushed and pulled. That is the only time I became misty eyed in the book. Wanted to reach in and give him a big old hug. If anyone needs proof that Jacob does put Bella (and the Cullens) first, go back and read Breaking Dawn again. He turned his back on his pack to protect them. And continued to be there for Bella the entire time! Yet the banshee could only scream at him.

So team Edward because no way in hell does Bella deserve Jacob.

*gets off of her soapbox*