Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie isthisreallynecessarytotypeout Meyer

Oh wow. Getting a little behind on the reviewing, aren't we? But never fear! The Maelstrom has resolved to fix this readingfail as soon as humanly possible. Then again this isn't so much a review as a "Aella-is-not-a-fangirl-but-still-wishes-to-express-her-giddiness-after- (finally)-completeing-normally-fangirlized-novel" moment.

Short and to the point methinks. This was definitely my favorite Twilight book. It felt very different from the others and I loved how the bond between Edward and Bella became so much more concrete. It didn't feel like a flighty teenage romance anymore and that sort of made me go YESSSSSSS.

Also? Renesmee = love. I have no idea how Stephenie Meyer makes a six month old child so easy to read for and interesting to watch develop as a character. I like the cover just as much as I did when it was first revealed. Some of the buildup for the end conflict was monotonous, but I really liked how everything unfolded right there at the conclusion. It was one of those "Take that _____ insert antagonist here ______" moments. Even if the Volturi do still have a special place in my heart as for awesome villains.

Otherwise? Jacob is still pretty awesome. Edward is mkay. I guess. Jasper needs to not be in lurve with Alice so that I can haz him (creeper moment). All the new vampires were fun to learn about (Kate? Shocking powers? wth?). I still like the Host better. I think that pretty much sums everything up. Now to review something for real. *full month later...*

How do you rate this? It's not brilliant, but it's not bad, but I can't really measure it. No rating. Just draw your own conclusions I suppose.


PS: Then again, according to my English class (yes. even the teacher), I am the last-person-lyk-everr to get around to reading this.

PSthe2nd: Comment with what you thought overall, especially if you don't agree.


Liv said...

I know that this is soooper negative sounding, but I thought this book was crap. XD But, ya know, at least everything ended the way it was supposed to. hehe.

Medeia said...

Weird coincidence, I just got this at the library today (for a friend... I feel like I do that a lot...)

And no. Reneesmee (or however you spell it) does not = love. She = evildemonvampirebabywhostoleJacob'ssoul. That book was so crazily out of left field. I have to say I did not enjoy that one.

*Heather* said...


I generally agree wholeheartedly with your opinions, and/or trust them fully, but this gives me some doubt.

The entire Twilight series is pretty bad--in that, can't stop reading it even thought I know it's a literary fail and complete crap way--but Breaking Dawn most definitely had to be the worst. Stephenie Meyer used this "book" as a vessel in which to place every single plot twist she's ever come up with in her entire life and her energy was so preoccupied with doing so that she forgot about the climax. There wasn't one. It was an anti-climax.

And while I continue to like the characters (minus Bella who is overly...self-consious? Annoying? STUPID?), the plot that goes with them, and the writing style itself fails beyond belief.

Sorry, to disagree. *shrug*