Saturday, April 26, 2008

*sings* It's the end of the world as we know it

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer is a story about a normal girl with normal high-school problems. Well, not really, but that's how it starts. Miranda has a lot to deal with (*ominously* or so she thinks...). She has to convince her mother to let her take up ice-skating again, the sport that she loves. Her Dad wants her to be the godmother of his second wife's baby. She tries not to let her two best friends (Sammi who has a new boyfriend every week and the disturbingly god-obsessed Megan) drive her crazy. On top of that, she has to bring up her failing math grades. All while listening to the repetitive ravings about the meteor that will hit the moon in a short time. It's all anyone can talk about, and frankly, Miranda is sick of it.

However, this event quickly transforms from the harmless, tell-your-grandchildren moment to a disaster. The meteor hits the moon, but in the process, knocks it closer to Earth. This sets up for tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes world wide with no end in sight. Everything has become complete chaos. Gas prices skyrocket to around $12 a gallon (if you can get it at all). Food is scarce and soon the temperature starts to drop drastically. Miranda and her family soon learn that to survive they have to work together and put family above all else. Even then, they might not make it through...

I have to say, even though I don't usually go for the diary-style of writing I found this book really easy to get into. It was written very well and actually affected me. When I had to put it down to eat lunch, I got to the table and thought "woah, we have food". It even got to the point that I felt really cold. As in, it was 80 outside and I was sitting in my living room covered in a blanket, reading this book.

All in all, I give Life as We Knew It a 5 out of 7.

From the Shadows,


Anonymous said...

...and i feel fine

sounds cool. people keep telling me to read this book and for no apparent reason i haven't.

Reviewer X said...

Haha I love your reviews :)

I just wanted to inform Aella that she won the contest over at my blog and I emailed her and I haven't received a response! Just wanted to know what was up :)


The Whirlwinds said...

wait... REALLY????

Hear that Medeia? I WON A CONTEST!!!!

Sorry folks for the random comment. But I've never won a contest before!


Enna Isilee said...

I've wanted to read this...

Medeia said...

Go, read it... just make sure you grab a blanket... brrrrr

And thank you Steph.

Hear that Aella? She loves our reviews!

And nice job on the contest thing. What'd you win?

chatteringbee said...

ooh...I just read this book last week. It was soo good. I know what you mean about the food and stuff.

Book Brat said...

Thanks for the Comment you made my early morning