Friday, April 25, 2008

Chanda's Wars by Allan Stratton

A more serious review from the Maelstrom for a more serious novel. After reading Mr. Stratton's book I have gained a precious insight into the trials of a nation and time torn by poverty and internal abuses.

Six months have passed since the untimely death of Chanda’s mother. Alone, but for a misfit group of friends on her street, she must raise her siblings (aged 5 and 6). All the same, motherhood is a difficult occupation and it isn’t long until she must run to the family that once betrayed her when she had need of them most. But there are more dangers out in the bush than relational dystrophy. Rwanda is split down the middle by a horrific civil war. When the cruel general Mandiki kidnaps Chanda’s brother and sister, she must summon all of her bravery and courage to save them from a horrific life as child soldiers in the rebel army.

Chanda’s Wars was written with a great deal of passion. And truly, that is the only way to write a novel dealing with such enormous (and real) issues. While not among the best-written books I have ever read, the story it tells is important enough that it should be read to educate if not to entertain. Some scenes of graphic violence (many involving children) may be found disturbing. But the ultimate redemption of this novel was in Chanda. This character is unforgettable in her strength and drive and her simple, bold understanding of complex matters is inspiring.

I bestow 6.5 lightnings on this novel and encourage you to find and read it at the earliest convenience.

Somewhat Subdued but Inspired,

*Aella Siofra*

*Edit- It appears that there is a book preceding this in Chanda's story, known as Chanda's Secrets. I was not aware of its existence when reading the sequel and believe anyone to be fully capable of reading Chanda's Wars without first reading Secrets. Sorry for any inconvenience.*Aella*


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This sounds good, if sad. Thanks for the review! And I'd never heard of Chanda's Secrets before, either, although I had heard of this book.

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