Monday, February 9, 2009

Dear gods of the publishing industry,

please do not make me finish In Too Deep of the Elite novels. I'm not sure I can survive another chapter of this. Set me free to do more constructive things such as reading the new Luxe novel with that amazing cover or building paper mache dinosaurs. Instruct me in the ways of rubbing off the aggressive vapidity and *sparkles*.

Thank you for hearing me out,


Ink Mage said...

Hahaha, I can't stop laughing about this post! I've never read these books, but your post just confirmed my suspicions. Thank you! :-)

*Heather* said...

That bad, really?

I haven't brought myself to read it yet, because The Elite was so horrid.

Bibliovore said...

I just put this out on display today, simultaneously wondering what kind of brain hemorrhage the girl suffered to put eyelashes like that on her face, on purpose. Poor Aella!

Em said...

Ahh, a kindred spirit. :)

Medeia said...

this is NOT going to be like that time when you foisted Prom Geeks off on me. You could ..burn it... *is a pyro* }:)

nineseveneight said...

Oh wow, I just posted something that started "Dear YA Gods," and then I came here and saw this post. I guess all of us need a little divine help now and then.
I read The Elite, or tried to. I stopped for fear of gouging out my eyes, a la Oedipus. Without the mother-marrying part.

- Eli