Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm getting really sick of this whole vampire thing

Warning: I have not read any of the previous Morganville Vampire books. Though not for lack of trying. Just wanted you to know that all I know about this series is what the (strangely convenient) synopsis in the front told me.

Synopsis of the synopsis (for those of you, like me, who didn't know there was a difference between the Vampire Kisses and Morganville Vampires series... until just now when I told you): The story's about a girl named Claire who's apparently some sort of prodigy. Her parents wouldn't let her go straight to MIT, she's only 16 after all, so they shipped her off to a smaller university in the middle of Texas. That happens to be infested with vampires. Good call, guys.

And now there's a war going on between two vampire groups. One (Claire's side obviously) wants to keep things the way they are and not eat humans (... well, for the most part) and the other wants to make them the prime food source (as opposed to donated bags o' blood... yumm).

I wasn't enthralled by this one. I just didn't get any of that"This is so damn COOL" feeling where you want to just devour the book. It was more of the "I don't have any books to read... oh wait... there's that one with the vampires" kind of deal.
Speaking of books I wasn't enthralled by, theres a new... what was that series again? Oh right Blue Bloods. It's called Revelations and it has the best cover in the whole series. But that's really all I can say for it. Which is saddening. Basically if you loved/hated the first two Blue Bloods novels, then you'll love/hate the third. Nothing really new here. 4.5 out of 7.

What I'm finding about vampire books is that they have to be either really hardcore vampire-centric (real I'm-going-to-reach-into-your-chest-and-tear-out-your-heart vampires) or a new and completely innovative approach (like Peeps and The Last Days), in order to make an impression on me anyways. The middle ground is just disappointing.

Re-reading Poison 'cause faeries pwn vampires anyway... and so does Chris Wooding for that matter,

Medeia Senka


Liv said...

Go see Let The Right One In for some hard-core vampire gore. mmmm. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Morganville Vampire series. In fact, I recommend it to just about everyone. That being said though. LORD OF MISRULE, while I still thought was good, isn't as good as the others in the series. In my opinion, this book is a "bridge" book. It is needed to advance the plot to get ready for the next one in the series. If you ever get time, give GLASS HOUSES, the first in the series, a chance.

Anonymous said...

See, I'm so sick of vampires. I refuse to read new vampire books. Except the latest Morganvilles and Vampire Academies.
Yes, I am essentially a huge Morganville fangirl. I'm honest about this. I can see why Lord of Misrule wouldn't draw you in, though, because it's very much a later book in the series, relying on everything that's already set up. I never skip books in serieses, I'm insane about it.
Blue Bloods, on the other hand....*rolls eyes* I do like the cover, though not the slight blurriness of it. It bothers me.

The Whirlwinds said...

Uh oh. Sounds like I should take the next vampire shipment, Meds.

Medeia said...

There's ...a ...shipment? *grabs stake and garlic*