Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Fond Farewell

Hello hello to those brave folk who still read us. We are so grateful to you guys for the links in your blog rolls, the comments, the page hits, and most of all... the fact that you are the brave folk who still read us. So it is now that I say with great sadness and hidden distress that we are departing from the Maelstrom. *collective gasp* And you will never ever see us again.


Although we are departing from the Maelstrom, we certainly hope you will take the time to see us again. We have moved our ragged wind-blown selves to a mysterious location, which can only be reached by a mysterious link in this mysterious post. We have been planning this for quite some time due to icky legalities with our current name (which also happens to be the name of a minor publishing house that we didn't know existed). And while nothing of any consequence occurred, we wished to avoid conflict. So on this momentous occasion of 8-8-8, we hope that you will follow us and continue to consider us as reading material ( on words...haha...nevermind.) in your precious time. Farewell blogger. Perhaps we shall meet again someday.


Anonymous said...

Everyone's leaving and switching places oh my. Makes devoted blog readers like me confused and confuzzled and I keep having to edit my links list. Ah, well.

Nice header image though.

Reese said...

...*small voice* what?

*Heather* said...

I agree with serafina-zane. Everyone is leaving or changing or something. But I'm glad I know about this one. And that you're not really leaving. That would have been tragic.

[love the new signatures]

Eli said...