Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shiny covers...

I admit it. And not without some level of guilt on my part. I originally picked up this book because the cover was shiny. There. It’s out in the open and I feel positively wretched about the entire thing.

The Hunter’s Moon was a surprise to say the least. I opened it under the impression that I would be finding one of two things. Either the underlying angst of an urban fantasy or the archaic wording of a modern novel trying too hard to bring back a feeling of the past. But O.R. Melling’s book did neither. Instead, it carefully took the oldest legends of the “Good People” and attached a razor.

Cowardly Gwen is more than eager to see her cousin Finndahbair (pronounced Finn-a-veer) in Ireland and begin their planned road trip. But for both girls there is an underlying mission and that is to experience the lore of the Emerald Isle for themselves. Little do they know that the strange occurrences following their travels will lead up to Finn’s kidnapping by the Fairy King. Gwen must pass several devious tests placed before her by the conniving court of Sídhe and form allies both immortal and human to bring her to the ultimate understanding of her task as the sacrifice of the Hunter’s Moon.

The description and writing in this book was beautiful, and in turns, humorous. The glimpse behind the veil is told in simple speech that envelops all time and romanticizes even the most modern of minds. But details such as a crazy driver of a leprechaun and clever allusions to familiar myth balance the story. Another thing greatly enjoyable is the character development, primarily in Gwen. There is certain strength in her character that relates to the capabilities in everyone.

Sadly, there were some instances of cliché young lurve that marred the last 50 pages or so of the story, even in the face of epic battle with the Hunter himself. There is also the chance that some will not attempt to soldier their way through a mire of product placement and irritating “girl talk” found in the very beginning.

So, shiny cover and all, I set upon this novel 4.5 out of 7 Lightnings. Despite its shortcomings I will risk the other books in the series and see if the pitfalls in The Hunter’s Moon can be repaired. Wish me luck.

Somewhat nervous,

*Aella Siofra*


Anonymous said...

Shiny covers? I <3 shiny covers! @_@

Don't worry, I judge books by their *shiny* covers, too...

Anonymous said...

shiny! i love shiny!

yeah, i read that book, though didn't really love it. i'm more of an urban fantasy girl, personally ;D
my mom loves these books though.

The Summer King is, however, i must say, expodentially better. i like it lots more than the Hunter's Moon.
also, if you didn't like the Hunter's Moon ending, it's explained in a much cooler way in the second.
i have to admit i didn't finish the Light-Bearer's Daughter, (tho my mom did) mainly cuz i was bored with those twelve year old protaganists who never have decent plots.
wonder when the fourth one's showing up...

Reese said...

Good luck.

The Maelstroms Themselves said...

What's wrong with good covers?


Em said...

Yeah, I totally judge books by their covers. Don't be ashamed. :)